2018 Ford Mustang GT Specs

2018 Ford Mustang GT Specs

2018 Ford Mustang GT Specs - The sixth-generation Ford pony arrived in late 2013 for the 2015 model year because the company’s most advanced pony automotive nonetheless. Not solely redesigned within and out, the new pony conjointly gained associate freelance rear suspension, a primary for the muscle automotive since its beginning in 1964. The new generation conjointly marked the come of the four-cylinder ’Stang, with Ford adding a turbocharged, 2.3-liter EcoBoost to the standard V-6 and V-8 engine lineup. In early 2017, the sixth-generation pony received its mid-cycle update. 

A new front facia makes the 2015 model appear recent, whereas the cabin boasts vital enhancements within the technical school department. additional upgrades were operated below the hood, wherever Ford intercalary a replacement transmission system and born the entry-level engine. the 2 remaining units gained power will increase. The chassis conjointly received its justifiable share of upgrades to form the 2018 pony the sportiest pony automotive Ford has designed so far. Obviously, these changes were designed to bring the pony up so far compared to the new-generation Camaro. Naturally, the facelift also will trickle right down to the upper performance versions of this pony, together with the Shelby GT350. however till that happens, let’s have a better investigate the most recent ’Stang in city.

2018 Ford Mustang GT Exterior

Although it remains acquainted overall, the 2018 pony has quite few new style options to brag regarding. The front facia edges from most changes, beginning with a replacement set of headlamps. Not solely exploitation all-LED technology for the primary time, the headlamps conjointly showcase a replacement style. The outer corners are reversed to purpose downward, whereas the triangular flip signals were reshaped into stripes and captive below the most semiconductor diode bulbs. The latter even have semiconductor diode rings for a additional noticeable lighting signature. The inner tri-bar semiconductor diode daytime running lights square measure still there, however they’re thicker and angulate toward the grille.

Speaking of that, Ford claims that the most grille is additionally new, however there isn’t a lot of of a distinction to be honest. But, there’s larger news below, wherever Ford intercalary a wider tetragon gap and replaced the large, black headlamp housings with aggressive, triangular cutouts and skinny vertical vents. The new pony conjointly contains a lower, transformed engine hood with new positions for the vents.

Changes aren’t as dramatic around back, however there square measure many necessary options to speak regarding. For starters, the tri-bar taillights are redesigned. though the layout is comparable, the marginally angulate stripes that created out the cluster on the outgoing model was replaced by C-shaped bars. Below,, there’s a revised registration code recess and a replacement diffuser. The EcoBoost models gained twin exhaust pipes, whereas the GT received a additional aggressive quad pipe layout with a race-inspired center section.

2018 Ford Mustang GT Interior

The interior didn’t get that a lot of modifications styling-wise, however future customers can get pleasure from a replacement hand-stitched wrap with distinction sewing and cushiony knee bolsters, moreover as restyled seats with new patterns and color selections. The door handles, rings, and bezels square measure currently finished in Al for a additional upmarket look, whereas the electrical device sports associate updated pony badge. associate heated wheel was conjointly introduced as associate choice for each the EcoBoost and GT models.

More vital upgrades were created within the technical school department. Arguably the foremost necessary new feature is that the 12-inch digital instrument cluster. Ford’s 1st ever dash this huge, the customizable alphanumeric display is personalised with 3 separate views, every cherish the traditional, Sport, and Track modes. A fourth mode dubbed MyMode permits any customization by memorizing the driver’s favorite throttle settings and suspension and steering preferences.

Ford set Connect with FordPass is additionally a novelty for the pony. on the market as associate choice, the app allows drivers to start out, lock, unlock, and find their automotive exploitation smartphones. Finally, a replacement active valve exhaust on the market on the GT model permits the driving force to regulate the V-8 engine note.


The big news during this department is that Ford born the three.7-liter V-6, feat the two.3-liter EcoBoost because the base engine. A move that produces sense on condition that the 2 drivertrains were similar in terms of H.P., however the EcoBoost provided approach higher performance. I’m positive some pony enthusiasts won’t be happy regarding it, however Ford simply created a replacement step into the longer term.

Moving on to the new base engine, the 2.3-liter four-cylinder gained additional torsion for wide-open throttle acceleration. The unit is currently rated at 310 H.P. and 350 pound-feet, that could be a 30-pound-feet gain over the outgoing model. once paired with the 10-speed transmission system and equipped with the Performance Package, the EcoBoost hits sixty mph in "under 5 seconds." This benchmark is achieved with the Drag Strip mode, that provides most acceleration and performance for straight-line driving.

The 5.0-liter V-8 is additionally additional powerful, currently rated at 460 H.P. and 420 pound-feet of torsion. That’s twenty five horses and twenty pound-feet quite last year’s GT model. Ford conjointly aforementioned that the engine has been "thoroughly reworked" which it "revs above any pony GT before." the ability increase was potential because of Ford’s new dual-fuel, aggressive direct injection and unaggressive  port mechanical system. This not solely brings additional low-end torsion and high-rpm power, however conjointly improves fuel potency. within the same 10-speed automatic and Drag Strip setup, the V-8 pushes the pony from zero to sixty mph in "less than four seconds," that makes it faster than the Porsche 911 Carrera.

"As expected, Ford introduced its new 10-speed transmission system for each engines."

The manual transmissions for each engine choices have conjointly been upgraded to handle the additional torsion. For the V-8 engine, the manual transmission has been redesigned to incorporate a twin-disc clutch and dual-mass regulator for increased  torsion capability and additional economical clutch modulation.


With the V-6 base model being phased out for 2018, the entry-level value was a giant mystery currently that the EcoBoost pony finds itself at all-time low of the emblem. Be that because it might, the EcoBoost model for 2018 is priced simply $400 quite last year’s V-6 Fastback and $600 but it absolutely was for 2017 altogether. The premium model conjointly sees a value decrease of quite $1,300 to $30,400, whereas the convertible EcoBoost comes in at $31,085 and therefore the EcoBoost Premium Convertible starts at $36,100. Moving up the V-8-powered GT model can set you back $35,095 (an increase of nearly $2,000) whereas the Premium Fastback comes in at $39,095. The GT Premium Convertible comes in at a staggering $44,595. Finally, you'll be able to choose the pony Shelby GT350 for $57,145 or the GT350R for a divorce-inducing $64,645.

All told, it’s quite spectacular to envision however the valuation for the EcoBoost model has truly born compared to 2017, however considering it’s currently the bottom model, it’s not all that shocking. And, the valuation increase on the GT model extremely isn’t that unhealthy once you think about what you’re obtaining with the new model year.

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